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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  January 13, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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will . since. i have. we need too much of the tv while come to a brand new edition of the tub while that the probe and it gets too thick to fit faces and that you keep it that the voices on taiwan i'm your host grateful while technology has been
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one of the star in the season kyle won since two thousand and eight. and what is taiwan's niche in biotechnology. to learn more watch out world then today because we are delighted to have dr john c lee who's the chairman of the development center for biotechnology that i want to share with this the state of biotechnology development here on the island. whoa come to cool then cut the lead thank you for inviting me to reprint it. it was common to have the pr pro but i guess said you know let me over the last few years steel bar technology has been on the government. the team priorities in terms of development and promotion it's a it's been a worldwide trend as well. this allowed inches for example on the financial sector interests of investment into the fall taking tests. what is the state of the you know fall take the fall of the income one today come here with since many other countries. there also was so focused on the beach. isaiah
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taiwan's biotechnology industry is still in the early stage but is about ready to take off all in good time. always speaking i think biotechnology started in about nineteen seven the great nineteen seventies or eighties in an i'm sorry it's been thirty forty years but no one has been working on this subject as a government priority for more than twenty years so it's finally up the tent on the is the effort and we said a lot of trouble foundations and family in the last full five years. the indices started to up. mix very good and lots of capital has been invested into the of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector soon. and though was this you were ill angle on the wood tile one is leaving for example compete with other countries. you know what were the areas with sample with
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the talk about. no curing illness like you know it he swapped answers to things and the the other things you know if this were the sky one really cool technique. but it bears several different in that state you can talk about the nature of the stress of it on. generally speaking i think ireland has a very strong innovation based in biotechnology and life sciences. this has been needed for full last twenty years of government strong support. we have invested huge amount of funding system to support academia of the polar research institute and their flaws of rizzo we have accumulated many discoveries. the new directive allman and on genomics. and so so we have a strong dollar innovation bays and also of the mosque. ten fifty years. we also spend a lot of effort and resources
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to build the infrastructure fall at the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry for example goes on. when you just do the research in the academe and that is very different from carrying it all the way to cover some admission that she had to fight on any moment you have to do the pre clinical before you can try on humans. so then you'd need to know how to do the clinical trial with the regulatory issues. and so on so so they're a lot of info section need to be built and we had a reasonable good the film and introspection right now and most simple and yet think god. we have access to greater china market that's that's very important you can sell the china on how well it has come upon a bower of pseudo market min and then not been the abundant capital market is another important factor so those of the dd i think
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going with the enron imploded rawlinson in terms of attracting biotechnology development in taiwan. but in terms of technology or intents of the column. up in the future of put a show this they also carry us. we do we think are we. we are. i think i'd like to play the role of fall ish and prevent diseases they have many diseases this is it the titans series has an ear infection. it's only her up in kansas. typical mum been there many other up a sian popular in asian diseases. those are up some of them really have no marketing the other part of the war. so i think we have done a lot of phone will work in this area for example not all the new mod rock to bowman in its non small cell
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lung cancer lung cancer is visited popular here and this is has to do with economics of the fifteen of our population in asia. and this is the at will with developing a very unique rock that is very different from those useful caucasians. and that he knew of dr bowman for lung cancer would be a day of a potential all this and also bottles taking history is something of course is a lot and she's only in taiwan the war why but it is something for example people would say is top heavy because had the beginning stages. you need to do on an investment not just in terms of capital also tears of human resources. but at the end you don't know what it did to bill r and d is actually on the fly. this has to be successful commercial so of what this then you know it the attraction. to all these many other investors who are r and d
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personnel to continue to heal people that collins had no time and effort into the middle of no alcohol legal files. i think bio taken from us and cause many people in our garden. it takes a long time to delve in uganda when he says it has to go through the clinical phase two on the face to the three and so on so in typical anyone take more than ten years and then would request a huge investment also reached the soul of who i always describe of biotechnology pharmaceutical a diploma as every day really a full marathon and if the full one to run amok so that's pretty difficult but if you do it by relay them to use the money is not about the cia. so we each play at bedtime and in the relay and so that's how would you need to to what the minister makes the ride
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and they're full of many investment as you said is is top heavy. and when the investing that. it's kind of flower each to get to there is also know that freud developed a special of flavorful kept the market and that many investment in bets on those company that doesn't have written even if he doesn't that's still not making money but it already have. what i can pipeline and they are indeed have eyed peas did that happens in an eye peas and also maybe some of provo in certain states of involvement that translate into a huge bet the whole conduct of the eu or the chairman asked that the film incentive of technology in taiwan telescope little bit about his head. what the center was set out in nineteen eighty four which is the only about nine years says about the same time as the biotechnology industry of taking office in united states is of those community
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by ktv name of pakistanis out that this is the future industry but saw and now we have about four hundred people in the center of the center is pretty commission to accelerate the growth of our biotechnology industry in taiwan but at the kennedy we play arrow of preaching the academic research and commercialization. so this center is the so called development center is now the research team of basic research but we do. trying to translate. many of basic research into clinical trial and then into commercialization so that's that's what this sentence does most of time and we do have to compliment of research and involvement in house also have a compound of commercial development to help the industry investment and licensing incorporation and since they are many other
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things that you said your research centers round the island also an all court you know in dc all take a look of old college in the u s attorney in the office note that the bill was sent to pope of technology tried to integrate and courtney the efforts of the different universities for research centers to run the eye. it's that song that says always said a difficult task and allison. the question but i think. taiwan as that of the nation. we do have a national research program and in biotechnology and bio pharmaceutical so it's true love is national development program did according nation in terms of technology research and. but in terms of coming to our nation and invested in goma which the ecb is our center to play a more important role. there are we to say about up. it
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adds that many different functions of aegis of the ages of not just the technology of course busiest of all the licensing incubation in stock so we do have a regional phase which is sell it to serve at the team villages all reach to all the academic and basic research. so we we go and take a look of what would it have been doing and how we can link them to get this over and tried to. sometimes license from the basic braces are off on the international community. did the thirty seats of discovery. then we carry out some good moments and maybe if on god or some may be carried out by industry and then we also have the office so that said the licensing office. and incubation office in and of that. that has about twenty some companies to add any time so in cuba a small company we help that large companies. we ought to help international community to
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college and high winds are too clever it was taiwan's biotechnology is that you all about technology company. so that's how we we played the role of breaching the basic research and commercialization and weeds international community but that is a surly very important role in tears till now only adequately resource is also developing platforms for exchanges and cooperation which is something i think both acknowledged the spirit we need to take the first break on the program will be back in just a few minutes fan. it is. in. the it is.
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sells. says the sea. welcome back to the second part of its program key on the cob while the army hopes to reap will will will continue our conversation with dr jones the leak was determined off that the film incentive of technology in taiwan. luckily
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what is the market capitalization full of tech in taiwan is it is something that's growing its numbers increasing. please calling and a fairfax. in that in two thousand and nine which is about five years ago for four and half years ago here on the monkey kept the dish and was among the cat was only about three billion us dollar but today is eighteen billion years only six times over six times over yet. it's been five years here so that's it baby. this astonishing on a mountain road from the parties do today an increasing number of top company listed company. ok have partly due to the increase in value and expansion in their business and revenue. but this is some this is the good that kept the market that's why i did a good beginning idea mentioned above the oblong been kept open. in taiwan is a very
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very important factor for biotechnology industry and by now the fact that on the market is very active and he did so also because i p o's in and was supported by investors in detail and that's a has has attracted many top biotech companies to come to taiwan even from other countries. of course but the light if you look at status of taiwan's biotech industry to read any news about eight to nineteen ninety my weekend is of course but individual company was the monaco is a very good is usually made of thirty times so far. learning to share. so with that said j e l o u them all but dead. i think that is very attractive. it's soft and thin in taiwan over was speaking the biotech industry is divided into three sectors of the most of the colors of
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it. many could devise new section in the other very important part of it and has a kitty amount of australians from taiwan's ict does the i t industry news and of the surprise that the research based biotechnology company has about one thirty show. and by the revenue laws in these derives from the pharmaceutical and medical technology sector has been research raised about technology companies they are typically as though also eyed peas owns the love of top intangible values. but the revenue. it was coming so hours. being in czech capital market. can some pull those of research based biotech company does something very special indeed to know and that is is very important part of the taiwan said development. so of we have always known. for the last two three years internationally. everybody
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that at this kept the market please please a lot of suspicion. but i think full full five years it has been quite stable and the reason is it's been that i think we have sung of foundations for the attack. and though there's talk over the pa the heart research foundation though will be staggered years you know that your national r and d research and development program for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals one to six significance of such a national strategy. in this emerging industry. well i think. at that point in our area and that the initial program would help to integrate different part of research and then into focus and so that's system. no it's that important purpose in the insect me that that ed small findings at small resources. when they showed program this season the funds on average not very precisely but roughly about a hundred
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million us dollars per year and it has been katie on for more than. colin's of years so i had set up that it's the law and for him throughout different album in different stages and everyone supported in the city but it hasn't been falling the fall but only under the is beyond me. i think we get to stay stuck out as i said it's ready to take up and pay and those given the fact that the you know we have such a growing industry and there's a lot of you know inches of capital keep coming the billet the sector also serve as a note to break going direct indicated that i want in terms of the hill having it mitch is really you know she'll be it strains the attraction built to become one of the leaders being the politicking. well i think we are still lot compared to the european or united states who is still behind on a bead of
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the seventies is a small niche to industry as the eyes of the call us the foundation because it but i think we should play a leadership row in indonesia where else can wait the decency image that's right this is diane and i think we do have a good role to play and it tends to be one of the leaders and our home. and in capital markets a poll shows that up primarily this support innovation news and let's go back to us to be to your analogy of running the relay they will just add that the help of technology is a long process. it could easily take over ten years before anything gets taken from the lavatory into commercialization. but given the fact that you know it's such a long process is a lot of the basement. no capital l took human resources and use the analogy of running but you know marathon in
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the running of the day. can you give those whom would he tell about how you making that comparison. alf of running a relay to visit me oh two column in the politicking. oh well. i think this related facility a few characteristics. ok this all of this relay and has to be. international. it's not just when we think i want the whole case is that taiwan has sentenced a this is the innovation discovery maybe they've all been especially open pit development costs. typical uses a high him in the mall of this country exists but we have good innovation based good deep involvement in the palm of the structure of nice fish in the train station known far and then maybe d the other but time to go to international company of the international market. because the pharmaceutical interests but that is different from
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the electronics. you can sell electronic proud that all was in any country in quite easily without much radiate regulations and about biotechnology pharmaceutical product is unregulated and see if you don't get licensed and if you don't do clinical trial in particular country for example united states and if you don't get fda approval this you owe me a bit to sell anything in united states is oh so we have to and also selling a pharmaceutical product requires a lot of resources that experience and also channels and soul. um we have to call the break the liberation international use. radio one very important effect and that's part of everyday folk. so that's the first characteristic secondly the biotechnology and pharmaceutical to baldwin involve many different disciplines at different stages and only or maybe chemistry. amy biology. then later maybe be any more tests
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maybe the cell biology may be the translation on top of the tress that. the dark. to that a human. and then made a pot involved in human clinical trial. that the gross medical doctors involvement and then it was stiff and kept it all. follow this youtube of his head so i look of admission prices and a cover two edition prizes and licensing presses. so the air and five keys so we we need to know all of the leaders to the courts of different discipline it different this stage it's been those that defend findings defending. if i raise is in advanced stages and if a variation that different stages and that because of the law the teaching and discipline and expertise. this that's why no one can do it all even that big pharmaceutical can do it by themselves. so this is why we need it and read a race to do that. and in quantity and also it's a big
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handicap for taiwan. of course it is thought that domestic market is is small red to be speaking this is not to be a soul to develop an interlock takes the senate for the big country so of debts that piece of vintage and then we have to call every intonation and a push of a i think iam home. a relationship with china has improved significantly and in a way that also make a soft collar of the un mediated selling some of our handicap that optimistic is too small and so on. if you look at that that may be one of the driving force in the capital market for investing in ten or so biotechnology and this is so sucked in. this is the collaborations industry and that because the love of reading this. and the city plays one of the boat up online and the given the fact that this is sealed while taking it you know it's an
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industry that generally people with st day. this is to me some good fun to human health. for the protection of you know that ideas he says two things. does that help the interest of trying to promote international cooperation. because you know this is still essentially universal bad. so yes what would that help in terms of collaborating with other countries nato u n sync fpa health care. mama tried to that's one of the issue that that science and technology still have a lot of talent and gifts. we have gone on long waiting times some of the physics but in the life sciences and history amidst the main assault. problem is it so we hope that how scary can be fed a deceitful knew how to sew so it's not just the selby and solve problems that are scans of oz timer and soft but also how to lower the cost of healthcare
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is an important issue is and how can the pets of all the benefit to everyone not just the rich people but also that the baby was a baby when he recently in a city that can benefit from all of the house care and biotechnology research that's important and i think that's the that's the universal values that we are not too difficult to get international collaborations we need to take another break on the program will be right back. it is. sells
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steve. actor today's world and feel that one although the host rate will will will continue our conversation without the chelsea week who's the chairman of the kabbalah center for biotechnology here in taiwan luckily we talk about a deal while taking the international field
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industry. till now only for taiwan recently bowls going to nashville. a lot of inches above the company's deal of private sectors deal with resources like a pinball. and in your view then you know watching the industry over the years where some of the challenges and no school opportunities for taiwan in terms of trying to accelerate the development of biotechnology here on the eye well i think he a day in and we did we have discussed above this bout ten miles is the second a sea of collaborations and nobody can visit all and so on intensive. what can whiz international coming she think we still on taking the view that we are not just competing back on the breaking up so crystal ball up. i think we should play to that call. of course trains and a competitive strange creature i think is
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in the unit development. of all that did both to the dr saw the new technology as versus commercial aviation pot. um because commercialization requested that the long experience and also their presence and daryl market. so the pot i think oh we do we do have to call the parade but in terms of the development of new products. i think i wun do have the tremendous to see indie pop. so we play of the venue channing connect to the venue chen global me this approach angle that you can look at the second yet seen guy oh so well point out that they have many diseases of mending of tsunami related issues sen dodd. not universal derivation specific cell. so we can now focus on
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how africa and devolve being the location heaven and diseases. the solution to that. that and also off via the remaining matches. health care but mostly i've become to gain in foods dominion of the area's energy areas as well. they all because biotechnology to help. i've been in the us to know that jinnah makes it in almond eyes is coming to play many different areas in sync and that is so so the area regional specific and we do have a lot of stress to play in addition to that i think i won in the past and has a very strong. information technology industry semiconductor a computer is meadows. i use actually i live in. also in health care is when we go to hospital he do need of a song an examination of their idea of the diagnostic devices and
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those oh so o very important part of the biotechnology innovation and we can leverage our of past trends in information technology and devices need to book get involved in all medical technology area meant that suppose i can cost tens. and that given the fact that this is seen to national corporation a fireman. though were some of the international partnership for example they york to film the center of technology that's currently with some of the leading international multi nationals. inga scary hassan. i think the ecb our center has been our focus on the second part of greece in their way up the more specific way in biotech moment is so called pre clinical. pre clinical is of that discovery then you have to do pre k enough of that pre clinical you want to conduct clinical trials he
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has been so before you can go into clinical trial and on we do have to do a lot of studies students on a so called good laboratory practice gop of good manufacturing practice laboratories and then devolved into biotechnology do have many of those info section facilities in dec and what cruise industry or agree to academia to help develop of the pri get to it states that they can get approval for pain could talk. so that's that's good to be more specific is is our role in the second time. but we also saw what we sow. hospitals medical centers in taiwan and that is becoming one of the students in taiwan. on the taiwan has so of legislation on health care insurance and bob but also of a hospital and healthcare. in this city is is so very
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highest and then i think of we have a long history of all of the best just eating going to medical school was and they are. they have said at a solid foundation full clinical trial in um. ten years ago we probably didn't need be they good at that. no but over the last ten fifteen years. we have been able to develop up to date the legions of how and to conduct clinics not demanding i was gonna support amending korea medical center in taiwan then and now off i think ill of the clinical trial in terms of the cost in terms of efficiency in terms of the quality of that data in terms of recruitment recruiting patients efficiency of it. all very of the area. i stand a very good quality and high. in fact admitting how multinational
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companies this month the national off on to become companies such as nobody is stay calm. the tears came pfizer. they also about clinical both centers in taiwan now the above five six intentional companies and a truck villa tried to leverage of taiwan's clinical trial contributed to those of the dead and become law in that in addition to other fact is that mention i think clinical. the good quality and efficiency of the clinical trial in taiwan ella has been re connects know one of the loud just to see all of. contract of research own admission which help all of the big fall not to do the clay court trial is queen time ms international company and their eggs they can tell me that they're going to move small blanket route to taiwan. so that's the fact that i think it all you know that that that is so bad that could be ahead of
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any importance to us and of course the size of taiwan's population patient population is a good representation of greater china market is still doing a trial here or on foot with the group is an unknown of law. strains in discovery and development of the need to go in and out to be willing to stand on the over leadership of the development centers while technology has put prostrate cooperation exchanges as one of the priorities and over the years we've seen old and we've seen some development and didn't want to increase contacts between two sites and dating your capacity as the chairman of the you know you know tcp oh why are the prospects for prostrate cooperation. no more enhanced and more intense in the future. well i think market. the size of the market is is very important in biotechnology and pharmaceutical
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development gets so loud china is one that is actually the largest the pharmaceutical and biotechnology market in the whole or in one of those that did read tv speaking the income level is not there yet but bout we default is to or from manning. thanks for the start of pointing to war they are going to become the second of august. but taking pharmaceutical market by age two so than sixty owners to his deity of our way so that did that the relationship beaten china and taiwan. those grey in color all and i think fortunately it either. over the last few years the relationship has been moving very positive he is improving and has become the very important factor for full development of biotechnology and this in taiwan. um just get a few
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examples of any country if you wanna sell in thailand you have to conduct clinical trial from phase i and phase two and phase three. he'd begun so what you have done before. ok now off last year into southern tall. but before the fall last year we all have to do this phase of is that if a city in thailand and they go to jennifer is a face to face me again. so repeating most of the city's any country would be to say but in two thousand and twelve. the un's relief. on the bill did that did drugs the candidates that i'd hundred involvement has finished phase of his stay in thailand. then the rugby going to face serene china one that is significant saving time and the resources and that is a way that we out excess. we are accessible to the greater china market and that's that said significant
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indications of costly of the negotiation and the decor liberation. it always takes long time especially when there's a regulatory often so we are not trying to. maybe not gorgeous to a hundred percent of the stage maybe go to eighty percent neighbors and we can simplify and knowledge among of work. we can recognize each of the state that we recognize each other the celebratory mood bacon and set on seven clinical trial. then we save a lot of effort and time in i think that that has stopover is quite significantly in the sierra calm. so off to be a cop on the economic unit cooperation framework agreement was signed one of these a subsequent agreement on the pharmaceutical and health scare in the us between two said of the state this. and of the agreement we are making some progress
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in terms of the hulk in two sets of states to that kid deducted all been about to close. they've all been together. and we can review and hopefully someday we will be of a two to approve a drought at the same time. oh and dozens of dogs there were about thirty came today has been chosen. that put initial trial of a casey's fault with doing that but it's still forthcoming but it is difficult for there going what is it a good beginning yes it is time for to take the final breakdown of prelim today i'm with you that back
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i did. sells. says. the welcome back to the final part of space probe and field while that of
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the hosts were equal. or will continue and hopefully wrap up this very interesting conversation with the kiddos each week. who's the chairman of the film is centered on technology here in taiwan after the well the standard tcp is entering the thirtieth anniversary in the year two thousand for tea and looking back in the last thirty years has certainly been a lot of progress a lot of the chief mats and your capacity as chairman now what do you think of the features thirty years. the next thirty years will hold. put the cd. is that it's the day both in good question. for the last thirty years in fact up taiwan's bout taking this exists almost nonexistent. so we still love that is start from zero and then coming home late due to tight ends it's small it's a learning process. i wouldn't say that we have accomplished a lot though we have gone a long
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way away so that infrastructures. we have cultivated. at least two thousand executives in petone and biotech industries located on we have come to it those who have graded all oh you know. expatriate of the cb committee's thirty forty of them are of ice trays and out also so that that presented challenges for example raul him and then now they are there a few technology that we have trying to make it a success and has got them only to renege on top. but noo. other then that i think it's important to look into the future of this and the future of fraud the cba and taiwan. is this the love as did look in the future of the woolies about technology industry news and subtract involvement in the past we have been. mole on most of dr who can make only his designs
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but in the future there will be bald by lhasa contracts the dr said that produced not by chemical is assisted by it. but by a biological means by it but fermentation buy it from the dead mammalian cell phone to ring by the bacteria. michael microbial technology and so on so those of the so called watch marley cute to see and those rights are upcoming the thing growing very fast because this is a new type of drug that can. the always many of the diseases that we would enable it to dc ten to deal ways with the small like your wishes chemical synthesis. it's so late into the future that there will be our focus. okay i think kid in taiwan today. we have to try that differentiates night to say i had to to be different from other this upcoming countries. also the small molecule of the chemical defenses is
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the only chose those formal much to a man and has becoming more popular in the country's this but in the future. i think they sell that to the potential fall politics. the biologists dismal come take a bit. it was difficult to develop and requested love the mall of technology. so i think the event at the higher value and so we will be focusing on by like six mile beach is so that new phone new type of drugs. a new type of therapy takes an event that also carry wheat sale of the tsunami related technologies didn't acknowledge and genetic engineering technologies. so that the ob i'll focus in biotech and ecb but for the entire industry of. in addition to the politics and it's also important to know that that that the health care is moving to wall mall
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casey sheehan and more personalized health care is everyone is different of what we take this and represent diseases good theory we should take different routes but you can make direct with every different individuals in it. but that's the trend that we aren't going to mark taylor of may at two different diseases to it defended be just a different races have to put different diseases for temple in cancer treatment. hmm can say is a very complicated disease and it involves the collapse of many genes that gets tougher some of those cell becomes yours very obvious and the us it's been. so you have to get into the analysis of fifteen. genomics been and that would help the industry to become a more high value al mall unsuccessfully and treating diseases and that's the future and i think tile and industry also have
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certain technology that can help of moving to war not just a bylaw six new drugs but also more pressurized mall pea size of the heretics and though the dishes. hey and got to the will instead then she mentioned that human capital the quality of human field personnel is certainly one of the heel height rights in the last thirty years helped the pcp. and though i'm sure. among the young digital creations. many people unattractive. not to defile tech industry because of the many fields outside the abc for example you would do some good interest of protecting human health bill and curing some that he ceases to have trouble the human race. for many many years and given the fact that they're more more young people will like it they all feed into st. what will be your advice or recommendation to them. in terms of feel for
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them to try to prepare themselves for their for the upcoming tell. well health care and biotechnology is of a broad area and a nike electronics has it involves many different aspect and now i'm not just that easy since no but also the maintenance and. and in the making yourself mall on healthy team we got the pieces you want to keep yourself be on an image it takes. so those are areas also has a lot to do is about ten hours a bit of food and drink options and they all requests the remaining biotechnology to tell two to devolve of better products minutes. and also that even the energy now we're talking about renewable energy. many of refinishing. i do drive could be from any of the plants in awe and ocean
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in the cheerios. so those again requested about technology or so but acknowledges the problems and often changing the future and to carry out we steal scientifically and technologically steel frame and a lot of challenges and sucks in that scenario us and encourage young people to get into a putt on the other hand you don't have to go into biotech knowledge department it's one of biotechnology because of the pink nose eyes and say that it involves many different area need given involved in internet and in the electronics its beaches says in on bed we opt for camp and a health scare. it's the health scare. can you make it more efficient and that through internet and so the connotations. so of day on many areas. you can get involved but you don't have to always go into biotechnology off on us that they could to calm the demanding to come in. you know i keep yourself interested in a kitschy a
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sell out today of what is happening. but the good in your own specific color and learning though because the wall will be some of the quality of note rates personality. using his most important for people. chris of errands for example are working to fix the wall will be some of the plot how war can present because it is they're all require headed to the alleged incident. tickets for the full biotech of course it takes a lot of times though. patience is important but i think iam the higher rates is that one of the fact that you don't go into it. it's very different from the so called manufacturing industry uses huge ego there you see the plan you see the missionary you what to do did you know exactly how i much to produce. but this industry. it carries a lot of intangibles. and then you have to be in a you have to take it. all raise your head to the mulgrave to get
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involved and am now on don't be afraid of this is the industry's best the heavens and the revenue from dusty old long way to go this to you and you have to plant the seeds to see that the harvest of the years and finally you have bought two minutes left in the program to be. you have had healed very distinguished career in town once is coming back. you have taught at universities institutions have done research yet being mistreated analysts are we now me being one of the bugle corps and eighty nine. you know appearing when hc in the fifth element the fall taking history. and of all these different roles they play which one do you like the best and you have received many awards and what did they use two awards mean to you. why i'd ve i think this is a very the journey of funny. paramount has been quite the happy about it. but i think kitchen okay if i
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look at dubbed the back of my past and i think there are a couple things that i assume you know very important. one is the guy who was willing to change it. i think eia was happy to take on new challenges. now i even did say it's a brand new technology and i are heading the noel purcell is riley deal covers only has one of the challenge and i think that's one of the problem in taiwan's industry today and i think we have to leave outcome for going get into the new area so exact that the new momentum of economy and the moment of marine life secondly it says that i have always been the white king is all the time the scientists to begin this but i think i've been focusing on how to connect the science and technology to the cumbersome admission that she had a thought about it. i feel i can contribute more and i have over the two of the past
2:51 am
i've tried to develop this chio in that area hundred company cape cod and had to translate into a technology that that doesn't mean anything to get congress to lead the nation and that takes a lot of photos of management as well as kami occasion and that your belief in the sink. the focus of the anti hero aung san suu is no sign of the things that i think to make me feel happy with the chilly so we feel closer to having him the program today wanna wish you all the best in your future personal and professional endeavors. thank you very much thinking reading and think of all watching all piled into the aussie next time mamak with the tv thing the news in the name think. thing
2:52 am
go thus. the us. you'll. i care. the board and this is one of its non traditional bullion banks and his hands all over the world wouldn't eat meat i completed today to promote its beauty products the fan. it's a lot of follow
2:53 am
up a committee that old site yet. the falcon department of the problem again. they'll be consumed with the symbol as the chains of sleep has to be the steward. and to chill with disabilities out of the powers that go into this leads to apple opened. so because it has come the eu saturday night a love story depicting the guy at the moment. first i have sometimes. sigh on deals yet have a theme it's not that it's on the science on that is get on the safeway day upset that some of this light and sound like you think of but at this. i had left him and he wants her back. so there's a lot of websites and
2:54 am
a gunbattle with insight and for that. you have traveled mania or succumb him for tcp gets me coupled with the meteorite and travel overnight. it's five hours to find out if we die. how many hours the baby upright follow the paths to the moms we can practice in around three to four hours a day peters has been really tough but advocates of women the eyes of an eye to the chilly in the first of all the tea i drink it but it took me back to the eye. i'm here with many suspect that the president of april would he be a twenty five years celebrating them traveling buddy been called to do this and that stool i probably won't be the last one hundred and twenty five years ago just a tool an immune to the people who sell a bike in the fall and the bleeding meetings meetings being copied. it's been a beach at
2:55 am
times bring in our history our son immediately entering the site at the frank on this sorta thing. the fifty s or eighty in the stc now do you think is going to be seen here. i check into some hot in states like running game and that makes tea with the outcome. he is from your old family piano as well what's in a series of crummy typically him down comedian send me some can be put in two incidents that have gone down and people dancing getting people back who was appalling the nineties the scribe. the peanuts. i'm always waiting to be taken with the cats from the first thing whereas the parents who don't mind being put at the weekend from a country where we always believe in it and honey convened to get there. in one of the schemes is to share. they insist on to get their team. ps us on
2:56 am
yet i may come people people from their panties dancing which is trying to earn elegance is a leniency the saints and crawling before we speak. schools my kids like twenty four seven hundred people. but the sight of what i can beat teams this is on the senate. if i'm the one she did the winter camp. i say to people from august he can kill you and so it sticks like italian team who have leaked out that communities but we are trying to do the kid can learn about what this is the only thing that we always keep telling him that the captain on what the week she has a screen will always be active in sight before adding onto the string panties i was only kidding. to me. sixty one
2:57 am
john couldn't. costly. go to laos. find someone to help the state. the alchemist. it also continues it will come peace. so on. all i could choose to sit in between cremation. in laos. mistakes we want to act more it's true this year. i do not produce yet more help to get out of the glass tops. in
2:58 am
sydney. it's good for you it's not. they did this too hopefully feel them from november to sunday to watch my counselor trial. it's for supplying up to one of the amounts of time. she grunts and was trying to get something out. your response be given to her. it suited me it's the adults the couple you know commutes in the alchemist i feel sick to work on the comfy. often. two hours. there was this. it seemed intent on their tummies. i mean come on
2:59 am
people. people are being held this friday so blessed. then he pooped. i didn't. still you know. the document it used to. two killed genocide this tool. but it is easy the court to me. they stood in the us. there are still commonly known happening. for the most teaching the united states. fifty five thousand people. we also have been gone for two seats in the center. my mom. its costs it's frightening to me. what you say hi. there's snow this discrimination. you
3:00 am
wouldn't want one. wouldn't you. ah eye the fan the news. i real sharon is to be carried today is raunchy and some in israel the general will be needed to retain the former prime ministers funeral. however in the family and friends will be allowed to get a great excuse he's being stepped up to two hundred police officers to be on duty during the funeral procession last military cleese would be deployed around settlements in the gaza strip israel's eleven fine minister sharon passed away on saturday at the age of eighteen fights off to be


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